If you've ever felt that sticking to selling ONLY products is stifling, boring or capping your genius + income.

And you want to be seen, heard & (well) paid (and not have more uncertainty around shipping delays and product shortages).

Take a peek behind the scenes of how I have created multiple digital offers to complement the ups and downs of my network marketing business, and position myself as an expert in my niche; my podcast, online programs, membership community and many digital offers. Each of them created in less than 4 weeks. All online. All profitable in different ways.

Each week, I'll share my step by step process:

1: Overhauling your old beliefs that limit your creativity & revenue when creating new offerings for the world.

2: Designing & creating offerings that excite your audience just as much as you.

3: The key elements to pricing & selling what you create (and where most people don't get this right)

4. My process for launching your creative projects to your audience in a way that feels like a confetti toss (and not deafening silence)

This isn't going to be for everyone. But if you're someone who's ready for a dynamic space where you'll be coached & supported by someone who intimately understands both a product based business as well as the digital services world. And you know deeply that you're here to impact run the world....you're in the right place.



Program dates: Wednesday 20th October - Wednesday 16th November.

  • 4 Live Coaching Calls
  • Lifetime access to the recordings in your own on-demand library
  • Peer Support Group
  • CREATE Spotify Playlist; my ultimate soundtrack for your creation & expansion



Hi, I'm Alice. Business & Goals Coach, Podcast Host, Mum of 3 and Modern NWM Mentor. Alongside my Network Marketing business, I've launched multiple 5 figure digital programs and created a profitable membership community. I believe that your most wildly profitable business is waiting for you to stop overthinking and to start creating more ways to share your genius with the world.


An important bit of info: the (discounted) pay in full price will be available only for the first 24 hours of enrollment. Price goes up Tuesday when I introduce some different payment plan options for you.


I'm so excited for you to join the party!










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